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[L4D2] New custom commands

Player Commands:
- "sm_incapplayer" (Incapacitate Player): Will Incapacitate a Survivor or Tank.
- "sm_speedplayer" (Set player speed): Will set a selected player's speed into a the given value.
- "sm_sethpplayer" (Set player health): Will set a player's health into the given value.
- "sm_colorplayer" (Set player color): Will set a player's color into the given value (Red, Green, Blue, Alpha*).
- "sm_dontrush" (Anti Rush Player) - Teleports the player to the beginning safe room
- "sm_sizeplayer" (Resize Player) - Will set a player's size into the given value. Works better on jockeys.
- "sm_airstrike" (Send airstrike) - Will send an airstrike attack to the selected player.
- "sm_changehp" (Switch Health Style) - Will switch a player's health between Permanent and Temporal.
- "sm_godmode" (God Mode) - Will enable or disable god mode in a player.
- "sm_shakeplayer" (Shake player) - Will shake a player's screen.
- "sm_teleport" (Teleport Player) - Teleports a player to your mouse postion.

*Transparency of the survivor

Utility Commands:
- "sm_ccrefresh" - Refresh the admin menu to store all the items upon plugin unload, load or reload.

Server Commands:
- "sm_setexplosion" (Create explosion): Will create an explosion on your current position or cursor position.
- "sm_l4drain" (L4D1 Survivors Rain) - Will rain survivors. [Caution: Will lag low performance computers]

Not in the admin menu
- "sm_colortarget" - Will apply a custom color to any entity with a model. (objects or players)
- "sm_sizetarget" - Will resize the target's model into the given value
- "sm_cheat" - Bypass any command and executes it
- "sm_cmdplayer" - Controls a player console
- "sm_weaponrain" - Will rain the desired weapon
- "sm_bleedplayer" - Force a player to bleed (HP wont be affected)
- "sm_wipentity" - Deletes all the entities with the given class name. (For weapons you must put 'weapon_' before its name, EX: weapon_adrenaline for adrenaline)
- "sm_ignite" (Ignite Player) - Will burn the player, adding a fire effect on him - Pending - Problems parenting the entity.
- "sm_createparticle" (Create Particle) - Creates a particle with the given name and will parent (or not) it.
- "sm_setmodel" - Sets a player model into the given model file.
- "sm_setmodelentity" - Sets all entities that match the given classname with the given model.
- "sm_teleportent" - Teleport the desired entities with the classname to your cursor position.
- "sm_rcheat" - Bypass and executes any server command.
- "sm_grabentity" - Grabs any looking entity allowing you to freely move it.
- "sm_scanmodel" - Scans any entity model, if possible. If the model property is not found the command will fail.

[L4D2] New custom commands
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